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Our Mission

Wolf Global started out as a community and currently thrives with over one million members. We came into existence to help people over come the changing Instagram algorithms that drastically impacted organic reach of influencers. To be able to tackle the problem faced by millions of influencers, bloggers and brands – we came up with the conept of Instagram engagement groups. A way to organically exchange engagement – drive traffic and increase reach of your content, all the while getting real exposure.

Our Promise

We make magic happen! And we will continue to do us. Community is at the heart of Wolf Global – and that is what matters to us the most. Wolf Global is a concept that was created by influencers, for influencers and we tend to keep it that way. Our team strives to continue to build creative, cost effective and easy to understand solutions that help improve social media exposure of brands and influencers.

Our Vision

At Wolf Global we focus on finding creative solutions to the changing world of influencer marketing. In a world that is run by aritificial intelligence and complex algorithms, we want to keep it simple. Our aim to continiously develop creative solutions that allow influencers, bloggers and brands to get the exposure they deserve whilst ensuring we deliver quality and easy-to-understand services. With our community and people first approach, we are always able to get an insight into the challenges faced by the modern influencer – allowing us to come up with up-to-date solutions to latest challenges. Wolf Global helps people realize their full potential via social media platforms.

Our Work

Our efforts revolve entirely around social media. The Wolf Global team is based off in Dubai, UAE while we have our team all over the globe including USA, Canada and India. Our community is entirely focused on Instagram while at our shop you can find services that can help you with growth and engagement across various platforms. You’ll find many services at Wolf Global that are exclusive to us as they are developed in-house and focused completely to help influencers improve their organic reach. In our pods – you’ll find a thriving community of influencers active 24 x 7 x 365 days a year! Wolf Global is owned and managed by Fresh Engagement Corporate Services Provide, Dubai, UAE.

Got questions? Contact support@wolfglobal.org for assistance.