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Select a plan, choose how many likes you want every minute for your posts at checkout and submit your Instagram username. Be sure to keep your profile public.

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Next – well thats it. Sit back & relax. Our system will auto detect your fresh posts and deliver dynamic likes in an ultra drip method per minute as soon as you post.

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Ultra Drip Delivery

Your questions, our answers

What is ultra drip delivery?

Our systems will detect your posts usually within 15 minutes of you posting. There on you will get 5-15 likes per minute until full amount of your likes are delivered to your post.

What are the requirements?

Be sure to turn off private mode and refrain from changing username while order is in progress. In order to turn off private mode you’d have to access the settings page on your Instagram app and then look for private mode and turn it off.

How does this work?

Once your order is processed our servers will automatically detect new uploads usually within 5 minutes of you posting and deliver likes to your posts as per the package. Password is not required. In present day this is the best way to grow your Instagram – by going viral. The higher the amount of likes you get within first 60 minutes of posting the more chance you have of reaching to the top post page for your hashtags.

What is dynamic delivery?

Not all likes delivered will be of exact amount. We will dynamically adjust likes by 10% to make them look natural. For example – if you’ve opted for a package of 100 likes per post then the actual likes delivered will range between 90 and 110 likes per post.

How many posts are included?

Each package includes delivery to 60 fresh uploads upon activation. We will activate premier likes for your account within 24 hours after which your next 60 posts will receive the likes as per package selected. You can upload as many posts as you like per day or even skip days if you like. Incase you have more frequent posts and need a broader package please contact support for custom order.

Are the likes from real accounts?

Such a thing cannot exist. Imagine a scenario wherein we can force 1000 people to like a photo within 15 minutes of uploading. We are aware of plenty of services that promise real and genuine likes but those are nothing but frauds. We advise you to participate in Wolf Likes groups to get 100% authentic likes. You can opt for automatic likes to increase your chances of reaching the top post page as Instagram algorithm ranks posts higher if they get lots of traction within 60 minutes of posting.

Is this for me?

Of course! Social media and beyond – everywhere social proof trumps all. There is a reason even famous celebs and politicians purchase engagement. Authority is imperative if you wish to attract real fan base. People would rather follow a 100K account than follow an account that has 10K followers.

Will I get banned?

Impossible. Given that login credentials are not required to purchase services, you can pretty much purchase anything for anyone you want – including your competitors. If purchasing likes and followers led to accounts getting banned or blocked – then you will basically have the power to shut anyones social media account. As you can assume, that is impossible.

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