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  • WHAT
  • Gain 8k+ Followers*
    Travel & Fashion Niche
    Worldwide Audiences
    100% Real & Active
    10-30% Fall Back
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  • WHO
  • @pilotmadeleine 1.1m
    @claudipia 1.1m
    @bestsresorts 802k
    @sarahlahbati 6m
    @ourplanetdaily 3.5m
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  • WHEN
  • Giveaway begins
    17th of March, 2020.
    Giveaway ends
    20th of March, 2020.
    Last Date of Purhcase: 15th March.
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  • HOW
  • Total Exposure
    12 million followers
    Premium Audiences
    Travel & Niche Focused
    100% Real & Authentic Gains
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100% Real Followers

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Travel & Fashion Niche

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Your questions, our answers

What are the requirements?

Your Instagram profile must be public. Do not change your Instagram username while the order is in progress. Please do not run any other third party growth or giveaway services while placing an order with us. Also – a basic understanding of Instagram giveaways is a must. Understanding that there will be a natural drop of followers once the giveaway is completed. This is one of the most organic ways to grow your audience, and drops in followers is totally normal. Growth targets we provide are adjusted for fall back. Meaning, if a giveaway spot gains 8k from a giveaway, you’re likely to gain 10k to 15k followers so that even if a drop occurs, you will retain those 8k followers.

How does this work?

Each giveaway may have one or more sponsors. These are profiles that have a large following who host the giveaway and have their audience follow participants within the giveaway. The sponsors will create a secondary Instagram account where they will follow all the people who have purchased a spot in the giveaway. And then they will either put up a post or a story asking all of the followers to follow each person they are following on their secondary account. Ex: Sponsors will create an account @XYZ and use this to follow 50 people who have purchased the spot. Later on, sponsors will make a story or a post asking everyone to follow everyone that @XYZ is following.

Is the growth real?

Yes, 100% of the followers you gain will be real. All the followers you will gain will be from the audience of the sponsor hosting the giveaway. However, as with any kind of growth service a small 1-3% of unwanted followers may occur. Followers that you will gain will be purely as a result of the giveaway.

Will the followers drop?

Yes you will see a normal drop in followers after the giveaway. This is completely unavoidable and to be expected. Every giveaway has a fallback. On average the fall back rate can be from 10 to 30%. The growth rate we provide is adjusted for fallback. Please note – drops are unavoidable. Only proceed with the purhcase if you are okay with the drop rate.

Where will the followers be from?

Giveaways are not region targeted – instead we base our giveaway on niches. All our giveaways are travel & niche targeted. You can give the sponsors profile a look to further understand their content type and see if that matches with your profile. You can expect worldwide followers. Please note that this service does not gaurantee followers from any specific region. We gaurantee real and niche relevant followers only.

Will the followers engage?

Given that the profiles that follow you are able to do so based on a giveaway – it is safe to assume that profiles that follow you will be active and organic. Additionally, you can expect a fair bump in engagement as long as you post regular and interesting content. Make sure the niche of sponsors is in line with your profile in one way or the other as that will decide the type of engagement you will get back.

Is this for me?

Of course! Social media and beyond – everywhere social proof trumps all. With this service you get real followers for your profile which in turn will get you better conversion. More over, the growth is organic and real.

Will I get banned?

Impossible. Login credentials are not required for this service. And this service is not related to bots. Our growth is sourced via shoutouts and endorsements – and is 100% organic and real.

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