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  • 7 Day Delivery
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  • 15 Day Delivery
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  • $2999.99
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Your questions, our answers

What are the requirements?

Be sure to turn off private mode and refrain from changing username while order is in progress. In order to turn off private mode you’d have to access the settings page on your Instagram app and then look for private mode and turn it off.

What are the follower demographics?

Over 70% of the followers will be USA based. Mix of both male and female. There is no guarantee on the gender targeting. While we will try to have a 50/50 gender target, that is not guaranteed. You may receive more male followers than female followers or vice versa.

Are the followers real?

Yes, 100% of the followers you get will be real. We will get these to you by hosting a bunch of shoutouts for your and driving traffic from there. Followers will be a hundred percent organic and non drop. Hence, it may take a few days for us to line up the shouts and get the growth attracted. It is important to note above delivery timelines.

Will the followers drop?

Yes and No. The followers won’t be ever effected by any Instagram update or purge as these are real people following you. However, once you have attained the growth, it is important to work towards putting out regular content and engage back with the audiences. In doing so you will retain the newly attained followers. Failing to put regular content will naturally result in a fall back over a period of time. If you post regularly, then you have nothing to worry about.

Is this for me?

Of course! Social media and beyond – everywhere social proof trumps all. There is a reason even famous celebs and politicians purchase engagement. Authority is imperative if you wish to attract real fan base. People would rather follow a 100K account than follow an account that has 10K followers.

Will I get banned?

Impossible. Given that login credentials are not required to purchase services, you can pretty much purchase anything for anyone you want – including your competitors. If purchasing likes and followers led to accounts getting banned or blocked – then you will basically have the power to shut anyones social media account. As you can assume, that is impossible.

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